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Marble Trout

The most iconic trout species in the Slovenian waters, inhabiting only the famous emerald Soča River and its tributaries.

The Marble trout only populates the Soča River on Slovenian soil, but it is the most iconic fish species here. We can attribute that to its size, with the fish growing 30-130 cm in length. Its olive-green marble pattern distinguishes it from the other trouts. The Brown trout’s introduction to Soča’s waters almost resulted in its perishing, only prevented by organized repopulation.


The Marble Trout was once the only trout in the Soča River until the fishermen introduced the Brown and the Rainbow Trout into its waters. But that was a mistake because Marble Trout started disappearing. Its genetic makeup was so similar to the Brown Trout that they were crossbreeding, which made pure Marble Trout less and less prevalent. When the fishermen realized that mistake, they quickly moved to rectify their wrongdoing by repopulating the Soča River with it.
Marble Trout in Slovenia

Massive marble trout from the Soča River

Marble Trout in Slovenia

Marble Trout is caught

Body shape and color

The Marble Trout is the biggest representative of the trout family. The average catch is 30 to 70 cm long, but some grow up to 130 cm in length and 22 kg in weight. Its olive-green marble pattern gives it a distinct look from the other family members.


When it’s young, it feeds on algae, other river bed plants and insects, but they change its diet to smaller fish when growing bigger.

Living space

It can be only found in rivers of the Adriatic basin in Italy, Slovenia and some Balkan countries. Most commonly, it inhabits the middle flow of Soča and its tributaries, especially Idrijca, where the biggest Marble Trout have been caught.

Fishing for the Marble Trout

The Marble Trout fishing season is open from April 1st to September 30th. It is the most sought-after fish in the Soča River, not just because of its pattern, but also because of its larger size, which makes it a challenge for every fisherman who came to fish in our alpine jewel.

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