Learn about the different fish swimming in the Soča River — their living space, their body shape and color, and other interesting information.
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A couple of Graylings swimming
Grayling's signature dorsal fin
Grayling from Soča
The classic fly-fishing species of trout every angler has heard about.
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Rainbow Trout
Its body is sprinkled with dots of different colors, giving it a rainbow look
The gorgeous and competitive fish inhabiting most Slovenian rivers and lakes.
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A beuatiful brown trout
A beuatiful brown trout
The classic fly-fishing species of trout every angler has heard about.
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Marble Trout in Slovenia
Marble Trout in Slovenia
The most iconic trout species in the Slovenian waters, inhabiting only the famous emerald Soča River and its tributaries.

About Soča Fly Fishing

This idyllic Slovenian wild river is home to some of the most recognizable fish varieties, including the very well-known Marble trout. These fresh reside in the breathtaking alpine waters of the Soča river, which is filled with an abundant population of Grayling, Marble, Brown, and Rainbow Trout.

Our local guides with their long-year experience and vast knowledge of fishing will provide the best fly fishing guide service Slovenia has to offer in these rivers and will make sure you don’t leave empty-handed.

Your Soča fly fishing adventure starts in the morning and ends in the evening with a ton of new experiences and a phone full of stunning photos. For those with a tighter schedule, we also organize half-day fly fishing trips.

Professional Fishing Guides

Our local fishers know the best spots and will help you get some great catches on the day of your fishing trip.

Only the Best

Our professional team with an in-depth knowledge of Slovenia has cherry-picked the best fishing areas in the country.

Based in Slovenia

As locals, we adapt the fishing trip to the conditions on the ground, striving to provide the best possible fishing experience at a given moment.

Trusted by Many

We have been operating since 2014 and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first.
Trout fishing on Slovenia's most famous river
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