Soča Fly Fishing Holiday

Multi-day fly fishing holidays include angling in various secluded spots on the Soča river and its tributaries to catch the elusive Marble trout.
From 2 Days
April 1 - November 30
Fish in a different location on the Soča River every day
Catch the indigenous but rare Marble trout
Enjoy the Alpine panorama of the Julian Alps
Explore the picturesque Soča Valley over multiple days
Soča Fly Fishing Holiday
Fly fishing on the Soča River
Soča Fly Fishing Holiday
Soča Fly Fishing Holiday
Soča Fly Fishing Holiday
Soča Fly Fishing Holiday
Soča Fly Fishing Holiday
Soča Fly Fishing Holiday
Soča Fly Fishing Holiday

Included in price

Professional Guide
Fishing License

Soča fly-fishing holidays are your only chance to sufficiently graze the charm of Slovenia’s fishing scenery by spending multiple days in the heart of the Julian Alps.

The Soča River exhibits several scenic fishing locations, and visiting them all in a day is impossible. If we also add its tributaries, there is barely enough time to cover them in a week.

During your time in Slovenia, every day will include different angling spots, hidden from the passersby and only known by our guides. Besides the Soča River, your schedule will also include stops at its tributary rivers, such as the Nadiža river.

We feel confident that the Marble trout, among other fish, will be on a difficult mission hiding from your baits.

If you wish to combine fishing with sightseeing, there is hardly a place more appropriate for that than the Soča Valley. Cultural landmarks and stunning pieces of natural heritage will glue your finger to the camera button.

The best thing is that we coordinate everything, from the accommodation to the guide who will accompany you on your angling adventures and ensure everything runs smoothly. Your only job will be to catch a load of fish and make new memories in the meantime.

If your time in Slovenia is limited, but you still wish to get a taste of angling on the Soča River, check out our Soča fly fishing trip for a one-day fishing experience.

Things to know

We assign a guide to every reservation. There can be up to three people per guide. If there are more of you, we will provide additional guides for your group.

If fishing is not possible, we try to move the trip to a river where it is, or postpone it. If neither is doable, we will refund your money.

You will need your fly-fishing rod, waders, boots, and some flies, which you can also buy from our guide. In case you forget something, we also rent all the fly fishing equipment listed in the beginning. Still, it is best to bring your own end tackle, as this matter is very sensitive for most fishing enthusiasts.

You will be teamed with one of our guides, who are all fishing specialists with years of experience in various Slovenian waters.

You may purchase fishing licenses online or in the few bars and fishing shops near the river. However, we advise you to wait to get your fishing license until the actual fishing day and to do it with the assistance of our guide.

The cost of a fly fishing license on the Soča River ranges from 30 to 65 euros, depending on the area.

Of course, you can plan to take one or more breaks to eat and drink with your guide. If you like, you can even find a nearby restaurant and eat a nice lunch. However, if you are fishing in more isolated areas, it is advisable to have some food and drink packed to go, so you can just stop by the river.

On every fishing trip, you can purchase a packet of local flies in case you run out. You can also get them from a guide, although the cost will be slightly higher.

We always try to find the most suitable accommodation according to your wishes and preferences, but are limited by its availability in the time frame of your fishing holidays. Therefore we inform you in advance while we are arranging your holidays about your options of our trusted accommodation provider partners.

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Our local fishers know the best spots and will help you get some great catches on the day of your fishing trip.

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Our professional team with an in-depth knowledge of Slovenia has cherry-picked the best fishing areas in the country.

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As locals, we adapt the fishing trip to the conditions on the ground, striving to provide the best possible fishing experience at a given moment.

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