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Fly Fishing Soča

Fly fishing on the emerald waters of Soča river with our experienced guide for a chance to catch one of the world’s largest trout species — the Marble trout.
Half Day / Full Day
April 1 - October 31
A man fishing on the Soča River

Soča River flows through the heart of the Julian Alps

Marble Trout in Slovenia

Massive marble trout from the Soča River

Angler caught a big fish in Soča

Catch the biggest fish of your life

The waters are full of game

The waters are full of game

Soča River, Slovenia's most scenic river

Soča River, Slovenia's most scenic river

Grayling from Soča

Grayling from Soča

Soča River

Soča River

Soča's pools

Many pools, cascades and rapids

With its valley home to many objects of national heritage, cultural and natural, the Soča River is the most famous in Slovenia. Surrounded by the Julian Alps, its waters are one of the rare environments where the Marble trout dwells in large quantities.

At Fly Fishing Soča, we aim to fulfill every angler’s dream of fishing on this colorful river.

Springing at the northernmost point of the Trenta valley, the Soča River flows through the heart of Slovenia’s highest mountain range and towards the southern parts of the country. Its northern sections are surrounded by steep slopes and offer the best fishing experience in the easily-accessible cascades, rapids, and pools of emerald green water.

On the Soča River, fly fishing is the only allowed way of angling.

But do not worry.

Our friendly guide will ensure everything is by-the-book, show you all the hidden fishing spots, and guarantee you will have a fun experience overall. Together, you will embark on a hunt for the Marble trout, Brown trout, Rainbow trout, and Grayling, who are swimming above the white gravel river bed in numbers.

We do everything in our power so that by the end of your half-day or full-day fly fishing trip with us, you catch several fish and take the most memorable moments home with you.

And in case you would be interested in angling for several consecutive days and visiting various fishing spots, check out our Soča fly fishing holiday.

If you want to try something other than fly fishing, check out Lake Bled Fishing.


The Rainbow trout easily adapts to new environments, making it the most widespread non-native species of fish in Slovenia. Sizing roughly 25-90 cm in length, they are less wary of biting the bait, but they put up a good fight with the anglers afterward. Its body is sprinkled with black dots, with a red, green, purple, or even blue-colored flank, giving it a distinctive rainbow look.

Grayling is recognizable by its large flag-like dorsal fin. It measures between 25 and 60 cm in length and has no teeth. The skillful swimming, displayed by the acrobatic jumps out of the water when trying to get away from the anglers, makes it one of the most popular catches in Central Europe. Besides Soča, it also inhabits other Slovenian rivers like Sava, Unica, and Savinja.

The Brown trout is the most widespread indigenous fly-fishing species in Slovenia, but it is not native to the Soča River. The locals introduced it to Soča’s waters to increase the number of fish in the river. Its size of 25-80 cm in length is a worthy challenge for every angler who has to look for its yellow-brown body sprinkled with red, black, or white spots if they want to catch it.

The Marble trout only populates the Soča River on Slovenian soil, but it is the most iconic fish species here. We can attribute that to its size, with the fish growing 30-130 cm in length. Its olive-green marble pattern distinguishes it from the other trouts. The Brown trout’s introduction to Soča’s waters almost resulted in its perishing, only prevented by organized repopulation.

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Our local fishers know the best spots and will help you get some great catches on the day of your fishing trip.

Only the Best

Our professional team with an in-depth knowledge of Slovenia has cherry-picked the best fishing areas in the country.

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As locals, we adapt the fishing trip to the conditions on the ground, striving to provide the best possible fishing experience at a given moment.

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We have been operating since 2014 and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first.
Trout fishing on Slovenia's most famous river
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